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What is free expression?

Free expression is, above all, a liberation of the self. It’s the resolute moment when one declares, “No more will I conform to the societal norms that hold sway. No longer will I react merely out of defiance. I shall no longer define myself through opposition or adherence. I shall become the pure embodiment of my own subtle essence, a voice and expression uniquely my own.”

My journey is, at its core, that of a nomad of life who, after years of conforming to the expectations of the world, felt compelled to open the door to something greater: herself. I had to say no time and again before I could wholeheartedly say yes. Yes to life, yes to my distinct resonance, yes to my unconventional voice. I yearned to return to the root of all my challenges, so they would cease to govern my existence from the shadows. Since then, I’ve found inner freedom to truly become the person I aspire to be on the outside.

Léa Bourratière

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A Journey Back Home

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Presented as a collection of essays and poems,  ‘A Journey Back Home’ serves as a testament to the author’s profound personal quest for answers, purpose, and authenticity.

Crafted across multiple countries over the span of four years, ‘A Journey Back Home’ guides the reader through the myriad phases of the author’s awakening journey. It extends an open invitation to all those embarking on a similar path toward liberation and genuine self-expression, urging them to persistently seek the truth until it transforms into an integral and embodied reality.

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